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Northern California ETC Services

The Northern California Environmental Training Centerwas established to assist our clients to operate in conformance with Local, State, and Federal Environmental, Health and Safety laws, regulations, ordinances and regulations.

Our services to business, industry and public agencies include:

  • Provide relevant and affordable Environmental Health & Safety Training
  • Create Customized Employee Training
  • Develop regional solutions for Environmental, Health & Safety workforce development
  • Assist in writing and analyzing compliance documents
  • Promote Pollution Prevention and waste source reduction
  • Serve as an E,H&S referral resource

Contact Information for the Northern California Environmental Training Center.
Michael Hall, Director
Mission College
3000 Mission College Boulevard, MS#1
Santa Clara, CA, 95054-1897
Phone: (408) 855-5584 Ext:
Fax: (408) 855-5583


Mission College’s Northern California Environmental Training Center (NCAETC), an initiative of the California Community Colleges Economic & Workforce Development Program, is now offering training in partnership with the Business Environmental Resource Center (BERC).

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Environmental Training Centers are an initiative of the California Community College system providing assistance to businesses in complying with Federal and California EPA, OSHA and Environmental, Health and Safety regulations.