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What is ETC?

Sponsored through the Economic and Workforce Development program of the California Community College System, Environmental Training Centers (ETC), provide affordable and quality training in environmental compliance and management, occupational health and safety, homeland security/emergency response, and green technologies. A primary objective is to serve as liaisons between businesses and government agencies. 

Why Use ETC?

Based upon a business need, ETC offers low-cost or free technical assistance to assess the specific needs of businesses, public agencies, educational institutions and industries we serve in our regions.

ETC assists businesses through training, the development of compliance documents, and other services to mitigate the impact of Environmental Health and Safety regulations. 

We collaborate with public agencies and professional industry associations including but not limited to the following: Cal-EPA, Federal EPA, FEMA, CalEMA, Department of Public Health, local CUPA's, Department of Toxic Substances Control, Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals, California Waste Association and California Air Resources Board.

Customized Training at Affordable Rates

Through our Centers, businesses have access to high-quality customized training programs developed and delivered specifically to meet their unique needs.


California’s ETC is A Model for Green Workforce Development and Training


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Preserving the Legacy: Introduction to Environmental Technology offers learners a dramatic visual exploration of the field of environmental technology. Produced in cooperation with the Partnership for Environmental Technology Education, and with funding from the National Science Foundation, the course includes 13 half-hour lessons covering governmental processes, health effects of hazardous materials, ecology, the environmental compartments, occupational safety and health, waste, pollution prevention, and more.

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Environmental Training Centers are an initiative of the California Community College system providing assistance to businesses in complying with Federal and California EPA, OSHA and Environmental, Health and Safety regulations.